“JAtech Services always responds to the plants needs in a friendly, professional manner. When contacted on short notice for data collection needed in western Canada, JAtech Services had their senior technician on site in Manitoba within 36 hours collecting data in extreme weather, -40C with the wind chill.
JAtech Services saved our company a considerable amount of money when they discovered valves on a compressor cylinder to be the wrong model. Those valves were purchased from a large compressor company for $1,200 each. JAtech Services supplied the correct valve for $150 each and ensured the collection of good data to determine the health of the compressor.”

-Tim Mills, Koch Fertilizer Canada

“In 2006, Sun-Canadian Pipeline, a petroleum transportation company, looked into opportunities to enhance the Vibration Testing and Analysis for all of its rotating equipment in Southwestern Ontario. We found JAtech Services. At the time JAtech Services was a small business, Jay Armstrong and one technician, ready to grow, with strong roots in Lambton County. Jay presented an informative seminar for Sun-Canadian detailing his services, his expertise and vibration technology in the pipeline business. Currently JAtech Services (now Jay and 3 technicians) does quarterly testing and analysis on 17 pump and motor combinations located in our stations from Sarnia to Waterdown.

JAtech Services is extremely professional, their work and reports timely and informative. We’ve found their predictive and preventative maintenance to be a valuable tool in our business. We’ve been a part of their growth and wish them good luck in the future.”

-Randy Gartley, Sun-Canadian Pipeline Ltd

“JAtech Services continues to provide excellent service in machinery vibration monitoring and oil sampling. The comprehensive program that JAtech Services offers ensures that equipment is analyzed consistently and on a routine basis. The JAtech Services employees are always ready to serve their customers by being able to operate in a 24-7 environment. It is this high level of service that companies have come to depend upon.”

-Mark Johnston, CF Industries

“JAtech Services has been a contracted supplier of Predictive Maintenance services to Lanxess Inc. for several years. We have built a unique partnership with JAtech in that they are fully integrated into our Reliability Model for the plant and clearly understand our service requirements. This relationship has been built through providing a quality service, with a high level of accuracy that we can trust. Predictive Maintenance is an important component in keeping our machinery healthy, reliable and available for operation so that we can maintain a high level of production to meet our customer needs.

Jay Armstrong and his staff have provided early warning of countless potential machinery failures allowing us to take the equipment down for repairs in a safe and controlled manner. Jay has personally been involved in many critical troubleshooting situations to determine the root-cause of machinery issues. The service provided by JAtech is second to none in the Sarnia area and Lanxess Inc. would certainly rank this company as an excellent service provider.”

-Rob Pakvis, Lanxess Inc.

“When I look at the services that are provided by JAtech Services, two things come to mind. First the company operates behind the scenes and is rarely in the public eye. This is critical as most of their customers are short staffed and very busy. JAtech Services comes in and does the job and leaves. The customers are provided with a report, or in the event of an unusual issue immediately notified.

The second point that I would like to raise is that JAtech Services is there when you need them. They juggle resources within the organization to ensure their customers are serviced to address the concern. This is the most important aspect of the company and how it will continue to be a significant go-to vendor for Nova Reliability.

In my opinion, JAtech Services is one of the top two vendors that our Reliability group works with on a regular basis.”

-David Bonk, Nova Chemicals

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