Machine Vibration

Vibration Diagnostics

JAtech Services provides an advanced level of instrumentation and technology to analyze and solve equipment vibration issues.

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Ultrasonic Leak Detection

We have the technology to pinpoint leaks. Save energy & extend the life of your machines. JAtech Services offers ultrasonic leak detection. If a leak is occurring somewhere in your system, then you are wasting energy and money. A leak can also cause additional operating issues, which include: Spiking or low system pressure that can

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Field Balancing Canada

Field Balancing

JAtech Services personnel provide dynamic single and multi-plane balancing on machine rotors in situ, as an option for removing and shipping the rotor for offsite shop balancing.

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Motion Amplification

This technology measures motion that is not visible to the naked eye, including deflection, displacement, and vibration. Using video camera technology, every pixel in the camera’s view is changed so that the image motion is visible.

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Reciprocating Compressor Analysis

JAtech Services performs specialized analysis to measure the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating compressors and cylinders.

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