We have the technology to pinpoint leaks. Save energy & extend the life of your machines.

JAtech Services offers ultrasonic leak detection. If a leak is occurring somewhere in your system, then you are wasting energy and money. A leak can also cause additional operating issues, which include:

  • Spiking or low system pressure that can cause air tools and other air reliant equipment to operate less efficiently, which can harm production, efficiency, and safety
  • Higher operating costs as a result of excess compressor capacity
  • Shorter lifespan for air operated equipment as a result of increased cycling and increased run time

We’ve seen leaks occur in many parts of an air system, but the most common problem areas we’ve seen are:

  • Hoses, couplings, tubes, push-lock fittings
  • Filters, pressure regulators, and lubricators
  • Thread sealants, point of use devices, valves, flanges, and packings

Our Leak Detection Method

If there is one thing we can guarantee about a leak – it’s that high frequency, short wave signal, ultrasound emissions are localized near or around the leak site.

We are able to hear even the smallest pinhole air leaks with ultrasound equipment. JAtech personnel can follow the sound of the leak to the loudest point.

Once we spot and identify exactly where a leak is occurring, we provide our customer with with a location photo and identifiable tag, in addition to a full report of our survey findings.

If you suspect a leak, contact us today to book an ultrasonic leak detection survey.

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