VMUG Meeting April 2019

This month we have an interesting presentation from Chuck Jenkins discussing reciprocating compressor Bentley Nevada Panels. Chuck has more than 35 years of Bently Nevada experience and started his Bently Nevada career as a Machinery Diagnostic Engineer in Houston, TX

Please find the summary of the presentation below.


As one of the oldest compressor designs, recips enjoy unique capabilities and are quite flexible with features such as broad capacity control ranges and the ability to compress gas regardless of mole weight or k value. Add multiple stages and they can compress a gas to extremely high compression ratios. Consequently, they are an ideal fit for selected applications such as hydrogen compression in the de-sulfurization process of many refineries—and as part of the low-density polyethylene production process in chemical plants, to name just a few. However, reciprocating compressors suffer from one very serious drawback: high maintenance costs. In fact, compared to similarly sized centrifugals, recips can consume as much as five times the amount of maintenance dollars. Unique machinery protection and condition monitoring technics can help close the gap, bringing your recip maintenance costs closer to the levels associated with centrifugals while simultaneously improving reliability, availability, and safety. This presentation will cover Reciprocating Compressor diagnostics using case histories.

Presentation Date: April 23rd, 2019, 7:00 pm; Stokes Bay

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