JAtech Services provides an advanced level of instrumentation and technology to analyze and solve equipment vibration issues. Some of these services include:

Measuring Structural Dynamics

System resonances – Machinery and mechanical systems have resonances, like the vibration caused by ringing a crystal glass. These resonances can become problems when they occur at or near some excitation forcing frequency (running speed, blade pass, gear mesh, etc.) produced by a machine. A hammer impact is imparted on the structure and the response is measured with a vibration sensor. Defining those resonances can assist in solving vibration troubles and targeting solutions.

Experimental Modal Analysis

Modal Analysis is a diagnostic method used to determine natural frequencies and modal shapes. This analysis is performed in mechanical structures, machines, and components while they are not in operation. The structure is impacted with an impulse hammer (force) and the response is measured with a vibration transducer (accelerometer). Multiple measurement locations can result in modeling the modal shape with specialized software.

Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)

This software package enables JAtech services personnel to create a three dimensional model of a structure, and display the vibratory motion of the operating deflection shapes and mode shapes. Operating equipment and their structures produce many excitation frequencies and can vibrate in many different mode shapes. The ODS model can be animated and viewed at different frequencies of interest. This allows you to view a 3D animation of how the entire structure is moving relative to a fixed point.

Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Analysis

This type of acquisition uses a specific analyzer to collect steady state or transient data from up to 24 channels of vibration transducers or process signals, plus 4 tachometer signals, all simultaneously. The software involved is a total online monitoring and analysis system designed to collect data 24 hours a day and can be controlled and adjusted remotely by JAtech Services personnel. The application can be programmed to obtain data upon specified changes in time, amplitude, or rpm. The data can be displayed in formats such as: Spectrum, Orbit, Polar, Time, Bode, Cascade, Strip, Chart, and Shaft Centerline.

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