This incredible technology measures deflection, displacement, motion, and vibration that is not visible to the naked eye. Using video camera technology, every pixel in the camera’s view is converted into a data point so that even the tiniest bit of motion that you could not normally see, suddenly becomes visible. The technology can measure and quantify any structural motion and display amplitude and frequency in spectrum and waveform plots. The software allows you to filter the motion to the desired frequency.

If any rotating machinery, piping structure, or any moving machines in general are experiencing high levels of vibration, and you’re not able to diagnose the root cause – motion amplification camera technology could be for you.

The camera comes from RDI Technologies  and we’ve used this technology to diagnose soft foot problems, piping support issues, and even the smallest of cracks in mounting supports. The abilities of this camera are endless, so give us a call or contact us today to learn more about how this camera service can help you.

You can see some examples of the camera in action below. The first video is an example of the shaft inspection feature of the camera. The second, we used motion amplification to diagnose a mounting support issue on a vacuum pump skid. To see more, we’ve created a JAtech Services YouTube channel, where we feature the motion amplification camera in action.

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