Lubrication Management

JAtech Services offers support to plan, develop, and implement an effective lubrication management program. An effective lubrication program can optimize equipment reliability with the right lubricant, right time, right quantity, right cleanliness, and the right procedures.


1. Lubricant Program Management:

  • Assessment – Standards, storage, handling, lube practices, contamination control, procedures.
  • Design – Equipment, lube selection, procedures, transfer, contamination control, oil analysis, lube technician (Lube routes & inspection), filtration
  • Implement – Lube handling, filtration, scheduling, lube routes, documentation
  • Management – Lube Program Champion

2. Oil Sample Analysis

  • Collect, analyze, and report on lube oil samples from process equipment. Analyze for lubricant properties, contamination, wear metals, additives, varnish.

3. Oil Filter Analysis

4. Portable filtration

  • Kidney loop filtration cart for water and particulate cleanliness.

5. Products

  • Storage, lube containers, filtered dispensing, filtration carts, waste oil

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