VMUG Meeting January 2019

Craig Soeder from Shell will be presenting on a project involving reciprocating compressor frame-off overhaul and foundation replacement in 41 Days.

A 3700 HP Clark CLBA-4 Reciprocating Compressor, servicing make up and recycle hydrogen, was experiencing increased vibration levels. The effects of this vibration could be seen through frame to frame extension separation, frame to grout separation and localized cracking in foundation components. During a planned unit shutdown, a project ensued to replace the foundation and shop overhaul the compressor. The entire compressor and motor was removed from its foundation, transported 2200 km to a shop for complete teardown, overhaul and upgrades, while the foundation was being cut out and replaced. Total repair work was completed in 41 days. The result was a vibration reduction of up to 60% and a machine and foundation life cycle reset.

Presentation Date: January 22, 2019, 7:00 pm; Stokes Bay

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