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We track your machine health with accuracy and efficiency – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wireless sensor nodes are easily installed without the downtime and expense of hard wired sensors. Data is sent to cloud hosted software for analytics and real-time condition assessment on our own secure cellular network.

JAtech Services offer wireless vibration monitoring solutions with full spectrum analysis every minute to provide continuous monitoring for industrial machinery.

Applications are endless; problem machines, remote equipment, and process, operation, and machinery health optimization. Wireless vibration, temperature, pressure, etc. monitoring solutions are emerging as alternatives to route-based monitoring.

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How Does It Work?

Sensor Nodes

Wireless nodes are easily installed virtually anywhere, including out of reach and dangerous locations. No special wires, no special tools. Just place it and go. Whether it’s one node or thousands, you can record the the health of your machines.

Base Station

The base station receives recorded data from the wireless nodes, and relays it to the cloud hosted software. Machine health data that the base station collects can be viewed by anyone on your team with user access.


Repeaters act as a data bridge between the wireless nodes and the base station if you are covering a large area with many nodes. This way, you’re never out of range.

Here’s an example of a full wireless setup:

Wireless Vibration Monitoring Example

Wireless Vibration Monitoring Config
Courtesy of KCF Technologies

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